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A new career? Up-skill your coaching? Flexible learning gives you skills when YOU want them. Ca. 20,000 people completed courses we designed. You’ll get support and meet learners and professional coaches. Whether starting out or wanting more advanced skills, grow with AMA Coaching School.

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What is Valuable about your new Skills

Coaching means different things to different trainers and schools. Here, it means facilitative coaching because it is facilitative coaching that has the greatest possible impact for people. It also means that the AMA coach sees and experiences the most amazing, significant and magical transformations in their coachees; transformations of understanding, motivation, commitment, health, impact and success in their own terms. The core skills that we teach are proven and disseminated by one of the leading figures in state-of-the art coaching today, author, coach and master-class facilitator, Professor Angus McLeod. Learn his short-cuts to coaching genius with AMA.

Your FOUNDATION course in Coaching is designed to give you a grounding in core knowledge and will take you ca. 35 hours spread over a month or so. When hooked on the exciting world of coaching, you may want to upgrade to the INTERMEDIATE level and you get a special offer price for that!

Your INTERMEDIATE Course in Life Coaching (or Executive Coaching) is a 4x unit, level 3 ‘learning journey’. Units are completed and sent to the marker from your dashboard. Learning involves practical work so you gain confidence. You’ll spend about 150 hours in mixed activity learning over 5-8 months.

For corporate block-booking go here.

Our friendly ‘Online Community’ gives advice (there are professionals there) and other support includes webinars and free video tutorials that support your learning.

Foundation courses can be done working alone if you prefer. All level 3-and-above qualification coaching courses involve you learning with the people around you – people you’ll coach and who will coach you – so you learn and have fun from receiving coaching too! The online community will connect you with people to work and play with! Because our courses are Unitized, you can go from FOUNDATION to INTERMEDIATE & even more advanced courses AND, your PRIOR-LEARNING counts! Want to develop or start a coaching business? Then, our business development courses will help take your coaching skills to the market.

The flexible-learning methodology for coaching was proven by Prof. Angus McLeod, PhD for Newcastle College; using flexible learning too (2004-2010) training thousands of people. You can achieve that with AMA since 2011, using updated coaching technology, also led by Angus McLeod!

External Endorsement

We are a centre for training and offer certification to standards that are national  – for your confidence and your CPD record. Certificates for these courses are issued by the West Midlands Region office. Our Dean of Training Standards ensures consistency and quality.

At the moment, our most demanding courses are the 6xUnit ‘Advanced’ courses. And, we publish all our prices in advance – there are no hidden costs anywhere – come and join us now.

Can You Save Over £1,000 pounds, Can you be a professional in 4 days or 20?

When offered one or two ‘free’ days from aggressive ‘trainers’ offering you a career in 3-4 days, you know something does not add up right? If the sales-patter sounds like rubbish, “Be a professional coach and make money in just 4 days!” then it probably is rubbish! The actual fees of such ‘trainings’ can vary between ca. £2,400 & £6,500. You can test OUR courses for just £295. Most AMA courses are now available on a monthly-paid access, with no course costing more than £75 a month!

Remember, over 20,000 learners have enrolled on Angus McLeod’s flexible learning courses so far!

We charge you less by not offering ‘free introductory sales events’ that subscribers will pay for later. We reduce overheads, working with you by distance/flexible learning and by not being greedy! With the £1,000-5,000 pounds you save, you could choose to try a number of face-to-face days with us (or other providers) AND STILL have money left over for a holiday!

Why you SHOULD NOT train to be a coach!!

We want you to feel confident that you made the right decision. We provide self-assessments for you to check out whether training is right for you. Your own assessment will give you confidence to enroll or to be sure that a coaching career is not for you. We provide you with example course content (other examples under ‘courses‘). And we also give examples of the type of course work you will be doing and examples of student submissions too (other examples under ‘certification‘). If you get through all that, you will have the confidence to know that yes, you will not waste your money, you will see this learning through and make the steps to being a successful coach. Join us now!